Sujit Choudhry Preaches Transparency Between Catalonia and Spain

Globally revered law scholar Sujit Choudhry co-authored an open letter regarding the relationship between Spain and Catalonia region, see also Sujit’s ( for more updates. The letter focuses on constructing a viable plan for both sides moving forward trying to resolve the issue of a possible secession. The Catalonia region of Spain, which includes Barcelona, has gained traction among its people for a possible secession from the country of Spain. Former Prime Minister of Spain, Mariano Rajoy, was a rival to this secession as is his successor Pedro Sanchez. This has created a rift between Spain and the leadership of Catalonia, as the Spanish administration has been accused of suppressing a possible referendum among Catalans. Both sides have accused the other of unethical practices throughout this political dialogue. This led to the exile of former Catalan leader, Carles Puigdemont and an abundance of arrests among Catalan leaders regarding illegal use of political funds. This eventually led to the appointment of new Catalan President in Quim Torra. This has been seen as a great opportunity to renew political dialogue moving forward and get a fresh start with new leaders for both parties as stated in Up to this point it has been a stalemate between the two fresh faces in charge, but a break from the highly contentious dialogue thus far may be beneficial to both sides. As difficult as it may seem now for a resolution to be made, Choudhry and his peers have made some important suggestions for the two sides as they move forward in negotiations. The first step Choudhry mentions is a fair referendum in Catalonia, without interference from the Spanish government, to determine if the Catalan people support secession. This has been a major issue in the past as Spanish administration has interfered by subduing voter turnout, watch here on ( Another obstacle facing Catalans that must be resolved is Spain’s unwillingness to accept a secession even if a referendum did occur. As noted by Choudhry and his peers, the key to progress moving forward with this political dialogue is transparency from both sides. Both sides will need to compromise to ensure success in Catalonia and Spain in the future.

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A Guide To Dr. Jennifer L. Walden

Whether you call in cosmetic surgery, or you call it medical aesthetics, this particular industry has built the confidence of many people on a worldwide scale. We live in a vain society, and having good-looks is everything for some people. When it comes to this special field of work, Dr. Jennifer Walden stands apart from the competition. This particular professional is known by many titles, including media personality, philanthropist and plastic surgeon. She has appeared on a myriad of popular television shows such as “20/20,” “The Today Show,” “Dr. 90210” and “The Early Show.” On top of that, this woman has graced the pages of Teen Vogue, Italian Vogue, Refinery 29, Bridal Guide, Vogue, Cosmopolitan, Texas MD Magazine, VIVE, Absolute Magazine, Self and more.

Walden Cosmetic Surgery & Laser Center is where she works her magic. This state-of-the-art institute provides various cosmetic procedures such as breast augmentation, facelift, chemical peel, breast reduction, cheek implant, laser hair removal, Botox injection, vaginoplasty, labiaplasty, rhinoplasty, micro-needling, SmartGraft restoration, acne treatments and many more. Thanks to the success of her very own institute, she has been able to open a secondary location in Austin, Texas. Dr. Walden is a board-certified plastic surgeon who has a heart of gold. She has donated plenty of her time by giving back to her community. She has helped to raise funds for cancer-related illnesses, and she was the runner-up for Austin’s Woman of the Year in 2016.

“The vast majority of women aren’t trying to replicate the Barbie-doll image,” said Walden. Walden has gone on to say that she isn’t embarrassed to have gotten plastic surgery herself. Her brutal honesty of the subject at hand is one of the reasons to why she is so down-to-earth.

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Hyland’s Baby Oral Relief Tablets Can Help Ease Teething

Since 1903 Hyland’s Homeopathic has been one of the leading homeopathic companies in North America.Hyland’s is the number one over the counter brand that has been passed through generations of families. They are now introducing a brand new product, Hyland’s Baby Oral Relief Tablets. The Hyland’s teething products are known to be safe and gentle without relying on harsh chemicals or additives.

With the introduction of Hyland’s Homeopathic new product Hyland’s Baby Oral Relief Tablets you and your baby are sure to both find your smiles again. These tablets help to sooth a teething baby and remove discomfort with the use of natural-active ingredients. These small soft tablets dissolve instantly and this makes taking them easier for your baby. The tablets are safe and gentle and include no parabens, belladonna or artificial flavors. Using these Hyland’s teething tablets for the oral pain relief that comes with teething will help you and your baby get on with your day.

Teething and the swollen gums and irritability will be a small inconvenience once you have been introduced to Hyland’s new product specifically for teething babies. Another great feature of the new teething product by Hyland’s is that there is no sugar in the product, further easing the mind of parents who want to help relieve their baby of discomfort, while at the same time taking care of those precious new teeth. If you have a teething child who needs a little extra help getting their rest due to their swollen and painful gums the new product also comes in a nighttime version as well. The nighttime product is just as safe and easy to use as it’s a daytime counterpart.

It ha natural-active ingredients that provide your child with sweet dreams and less gum irritation, because teething doesn’t stop at night. A well-known company backing a superior product trusted by generations of parents to bring the relief their children need while teething. These two new baby oral relief tablet versions will surely keep your family happy and healthy as your baby reaches this fantastic milestone.

Shervin Pishevar tweets about the status of American economy

Shervin Pishevar is a leading entrepreneur in the United States. He is the brains behind the success of the Uber idea. He has supported the growth of many other startups, mainly those brewed in Silicon Valley. Through his initiatives as a business leader, he has learned so much about the American economy that he is in a better position to talk about it than any other person. As a venture capitalist and a leader in business management, he has been exposed to so many conditions affecting the economy that he can tell when the economy is doing well or not.

Shervin Pishevar is not a man who can keep quiet when there is a matter of national interest going on in his area of specialization. At the beginning of the year, he went on Twitter and engaged in a tweet storm that lasted over 21 hours. In the twitter outburst, he said a lot about the American economy and other topics related to finance and economics. He used the platform to talk a lot about his views on the topics. He started by saying that the American economy will perform poorly in the future. He started by pointing out the decline in the stock market. In one of his tweets, he said that he expects the stock market to drop by over 6,000 points. The drop had already started at the time he was tweeting, and all the gains made at the beginning of the year reversed.

Shervin Pishevar says that the financial storm can be seen from the indicators that the economy is already showing. Increase in national debt, interest rates and tax giveaways approved by the Senate are some of the reasons why he can tell the economy is hanging on the balance with a possible decline any time soon. Currently, the US national debt is about $20 trillion.

In another prediction, Shervin Pishevar indicated that bitcoin would suffer losses in 2018. In his prediction, the prices will first go all the way up, but not before there is a decline to the $2-5k level. This is one of the predictions that has turned out very correct. Bitcoin lost massively at the beginning of the year.

Reasons Why Madison Street Capital is a Trendsetter in the Investment World

Four main characteristics define a successful management entity. They include futuristic leadership, excellence in operations, integrity in all dealings, and better services. All these four characteristics define Madison Street Capital. Madison Street Capital reputation in merger and acquisition of different companies around the USA is unmatched. The company has been keen on making emerging markets a valuable investment plan for their clients.



Last month (October 2018), Madison Street Capital was an important actor in the Sachs Capital expansion agenda. As one of the Madison pillars of assisting companies makes the right investment decision, the company was instrumental in ensuring that Sachs Capital gets the best deal in the famous RMG deal. Through Sachs Capital Group representatives, the role that Madison Street Capital played in the deal was great. The service and guidance rendered when contrasted with industry standards were unmatched. The endless advice was instrumental in closing the deal successfully. Gregory H. Sachs acknowledged that the company did not only act as an investment manager but a friend of Sachs.



What are the reasons that have elevated Madison Street Capital reputation in the past? Some of the reasons why Madison Street Capital is a global leader in the investment management world include the following. First, it is one of the few companies in this financial niche with operations around the world. Madison Street Capital has operations in USA, Europe, and Asia and in Africa. This diversification gives the company a better footing in investment management. The expansive agenda gives the company a wider market to serve and therefore help many entities and investors.



Second, Madison Street Capital has one of the most experienced workforces in the fast-growing investment markets. The company is home to one of the smartest individual in all spheres of investments, especially in alternative investments. The main reason for this well-constituted team of specialists is pegged on the company’s recruitment policy. As a company that believes in good services to companies and individuals, the trained and talented workforce is an added advantage.



What is the future of Madison Street Capital? The future of this company can only be termed as bright. The world of business is expanding and this reality brings in many factors. The changes according to financial pundits are unavoidable. Fortunately, for Madison Street Capital presents them with a chance to help the clients get better returns from their investments. As the banking space continues to shrink, Madison Street Capital is emerging as an alternative entity in better management and a source of unlimited advice.



In a 2012 interview with “Today in America”, the CEO of this company demonstrated the client’s value to the company. According to him, the company not only safeguards the client’s investment but also helps them expand their investment vision.


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One of the Leading Meat Processing Company in the World- OSI Food Solutions

The OSI Food Solutions is an American based meat processing company with an international presence in 17 countries. The company focuses on retail food services and has 65 facilities where its headquarters are located in Aurora, Illinois. Its history dates back in 1909 when a German national, Otto Kolschowsky immigrated to the United States and he settled in Illinois before opening a meat supply business in 1911. Moreover, the family business grew exponentially, and by 1917, Otto began yet another wholesale supply of meat in Maywood near the Chicago suburb.

Further, by 1928 the meat company had adopted the name “Otto & Sons” as over the years it had continued to flourish and eventually partnering with some of the most prominent restaurants. A good example was the McDonald’s restaurant, started in 1955 by Ray Kroc where they would later become their main clients. Notably, Otto & Sons Company was able to supply to the McDonald’s after incorporating the nitrogen freezing technique of preserving their meat where the method was discovered in the 1960s. The company later rebranded to the OSI Food Solutions and currently has more than 20,000 employees due to its expansion and quality services globally. Find out more at

About OSI Food Solutions’ Achievements

The OSI was recently awarded “The Globe of Honor Awards” presented in 2016 by the British Safety Council. This came after it was recognized for its exceptional management services in the environment sector. Again, the luncheon event that took place in London at the Draper’s Hall was in respect to companies which had earned a maximum of five stars in the audit scheme conducted by the British Safety Council. What’s more, to qualify for the awards, the company chosen had to have undergone scrutiny from independent panelists to prove their excellence in environmental management all round their business where OSI Food Solutions scooped the first position.

Furthermore, as part of the company’s growth strategy, the OSI also purchased the Flagship Europe Group from the United Kingdom. The Flagship Europe was a company that focused its business on the supply of a range of quality products such as sauces, pies, mayonnaise, and frozen poultry among others. In addition to this, the current CEO of OSI Food Solutions, David G McDonald stated that the acquisition of Flagship Europe would broaden the company’s business scope in Europe, hence addressing the customer’s needs in the area.

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Ted Bauman – An Editor at Banyan Hill Publishing

Ted Bauman has committed his career towards connecting people with resources that help them lead a life that has financial freedom. Ted was originated from Washington where he was born but later but he later moved to South Africa. He pursued his education at the University of Cape Town where he graduated with a Bachelor of Arts degree in History and Economics. He maintained some jobs that served people who needed financial assistance for more two decades. Ted used to be a fund manager for a low-income housing project and enrolled membership for some organizations such as Slum Dwellers international. In the later stages of his career, Ted Bauman worked as a consultant for the United Nations and international governments.

These opportunities helped him to get a rigid comprehension of the manner in which politics and economic impact the society. In 2008, he went back to Washington and took over the role of Director of International Programs. All credit goes to his economic expertise since it helped him to focus on sustainability and effectiveness. Ted Bauman joined Banyan Hill Publishing in 2013 where he started working as a part-time editor. With his incredible skills in writing, he began a newsletter that was meant to advise on preservation and securing wealth and called it by his name, Ted Bauman Letter. He offers investment tips and outstanding strategies that are aimed at helping subscribers. He recently launched Smart Money which is a weekly stock trading service.

His business opinions, ideas, and perspectives are useful to prospects and interested members in this field. Ted Bauman has been hosted for many interviews to share about his life and successful career. In one of his interviews, he was asked to explain how he started his business and what inspired him in starting it. Ted stated that he had always had an internal desire and interest to help other people. He affirmed that he is happy with his financial background since it has enabled him to achieve this dream. He noted that his mission was inspired by his great interest and desire in fighting for and protecting for the other people’s rights form any form of threats posed by government and large businesses.

The RealReal Has Created A Great Space In The Fashion World

The RealReal is a company that sells second-hand luxury clothing items and accessories. The company posts often on Instagram, filling its page with pictures of high-end fashion items. From a picture of logo-covered Gucci shoes, and discussing whether or not they are the style people are into, to a photo of several beautiful small purses, the company shows people the options they have when it comes to second-hand luxury items. People talk in the comments about what they are shown and what they do and do not like about each of the pieces. The Instagram page is a fun one for any fashion lover to follow because of all of the unique pieces that the company shows them.

The RealReal was created to give people a different option when shopping for their attire. It allows them to get the quality pieces that they want without worrying about the cost of those items. And it has created a great feeling among those who buy from it, as they all fight to get the pieces that best fit with their style. It makes them feel like each piece is worth more because it is unique and only one person can own it.

Felipe Montero Jens Reports on a Brazilian Study

The Confederação Nacional da Indústria (CNI) known in English as the National Confederation of Industry conducted a study in Brazil over large construction work projects that were left unfinished. According to the 2017 study provided by the Ministry of planning “Grandes obrasparadas: comoenfrentar o problema?” and conducted by the National Confederation of Industry. The study examines the amount of large construction work projects that have been left unfinished and how to fix this problem.

Out of a total of 2,796 unfinished construction projects in the country of Brazil 517 were in the area of infrastructure. Felipe Montoro Jens explains that the 517 unfinished construction works correspond to 18.5% of the total unfinished projects. This costs the Brazilian government R$ 10.7 billion Real’s from a treasury meant for public works.

Basic sanitation public works projects were the most affected in the area of infrastructure. 447 businesses stopped construction work during the startup phase. Out of the 517 unfinished works 34 were highways, 16 airports, 8 were urban mobility works, 6 ports, 5 railways and 5 were waterways. Though it contributes only 2% of its gross domestic product, Brazil itself plays a significant role in the draining of resources contributed to the public works sector. A large amount of construction work projects are left unfinished. These unfinished construction work projects consume resources and don’t generate benefits for society. This , in essence, is a result of the failure in which the public works sector executes construction projects Find out more at to learn more.

Felipe Montoro Jens points out that the study also examined construction projects of preschools, daycare centers, and sports facilities that were also left unfinished though these projects were cheaper and not as difficult to build. The study revealed that several reasons contributed to the unfinished public works projects. These reasons included companies abandoning the work, companies experiencing financial and budget difficulties, technical problems, problems with ownership of land, and difficulties with expropriation of property.

Ilana Ferreira, an infrastructure specialist, explains that the main issue leading to the unfinished construction of public works projects in Brazil is technical. This includes poor planning and poor quality projects. Regarding the schools and nurseries, many companies left construction projects unfinished due to an economic crisis.

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The Great Leader David McDonald

David McDonald has played an essential role in the OSI group over many years. He serves as the president of the OSI group. During his early days, David McDonald lived in Iowa farm. While he was staying in lowa firm, he developed an interest in agriculture. David was determined in finding better ways to improve agriculture farming.

In the year 1987, He graduated from Iowa State University with a degree in animal science. After school, he practiced his career for four years with the primary aim of getting more experience.

In the year 1991, David McDonald joined a company that was based in Illinois, Chicago. The company was known as the OSI industries. David McDonald was so hardworking and loved working for this organization. After working for many years for this organization, Mr. McDonald was promoted to be the OSI president and chief operations, officer. He has been dedicated to managing the OSI group activities, because of his role in the company he has been awarded with Wallace E. Barron Outstanding Senior Award.

OSI Group is the world leading supplier of value-added protein products around the globe, for example, beef patties and Sausage Links.OSI group has opened many branches across the world, eight of their working companies are based in China. Mr. McDonald identifies China as the most profitable country if the right strategies are planned. OSI group has put more resources in China to boost the organization operates. COO of OSI Group is targeting to change the OSI group to be the leading company in supplying poultry products. Because of this plan, OSI group collaborated with DOYOO Group company in the year 2012.OSI group concentrate on identifying various opportunities in the world and trying to meet them.

OSI Group is targeting to extend its market share in most of the countries. For instance, in Europe, the OSI Group has acquired the Baho food which was a great step in extending the company share. McDonald termed this achievement as a significant investment, which was going to make a significant impact in the organization in the future. He also added that the acquisition of the Baho Food would assist the company in improving its product demand. Mr. McDonald has coordinated the OSI Group employees all over the world, and the organization is making tremendous progress. David emphasize to the employees is to consider the taste and preferences of their customers. This has helped the OSI group to supply specific products to targeted consumers.

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