Idaho’s World Class Access to World Class Public Lands

In Northern and Central Idaho, we don’t have world-class sporting facilities. We don’t have world-class museums or world-class theaters. But we do have world-class access to world-class public lands. That fact alone makes us the envy of … [Read more...]

Lt. Levity on cabins and The Denney

Editor:   What price will Idahoans pay if the state gets control of federal lands? Perhaps there’s some evidence that will give us a clue. Rep. Lawrence Denney (R-Midvale) says Idaho manages its land much better than the Forest … [Read more...]

Idaho Public Lands Committee Hearing — October 28, 2013 ~ Boise, ID

By Derek Farr The special interest group that would benefit most from a State of Idaho takeover of federal lands is the timber industry.  Yet on Monday, Oct. 28, during a legislative interim committee hearing on this issue, the timber industry … [Read more...]

Idaho County renews its membership in American Lands Council

By DYLAN BROWN of the Tribune--October 30, 2013 GRANGEVILLE - The Idaho County commissioners Tuesday unanimously approved renewing the county's membership in the American Lands Council. Commissioner Jim Chmelik, an … [Read more...]

It’s Official

It's Official.  Anti Lochsa land swap activists have long suspected that a Congressional trade was in the offing.  Today the Lewiston Tribune reports that Risch, Crapo, and Labrador sent a letter Monday to Brazell  saying the Forest Service's … [Read more...]

Lt. Levity parties with the commissioners

Dear Editor: Everybody in the house say, “Heeeyyyy!”   (((Heyyyyyy!)))) The Idaho County Commissioners are throwing a party. Everybody in the house say, “Hoooooo!” (((Hooooo!))) That’s right. The commissioners are raising the … [Read more...]

Lt. Levity on Chmelik’s Moon Landings

Editor, Recently Idaho County Commissioner Jim Chmelik wrote a letter to the editor where he questioned why anybody would fear federal land disposal. He compared land disposal to President John F. Kennedy’s challenge to land a man on the moon, … [Read more...]

Lt. Levity on the Subject of Gays

Editor: Local control. It’s the founding principle of the Idaho Republican Party. Got Federal Lands? Locals will manage them better. Got a problem with health care? The local solution is better. Got an underfunded education system? Locals … [Read more...]

Lt. Levity, just for the Stash of it!

Dear editor: When I was in second grade, one of my classmate’s older brothers taught my friends and me the “F” word. We had no idea what it was or what it meant. After all, what’s the significance of a single word? Then one day my … [Read more...]

Lt. Levity on shamelessness

Dear Editor: This is the story of something shameful that took place in the Idaho County Courthouse on June 21, 2011 when a group of outgoing, hardworking, dedicated college students were subjected to the raw delirium of central Idaho … [Read more...]

Stop the Lochsa Swap – Opinion Letter

June 3, 2013 in Letters, Opinion The Spokesman Review What’s happening with the Upper Lochsa Land Exchange? Clearwater National Forest Supervisor Rick Brazell is scheduled to … [Read more...]

Boise State Public Radio: Community Conversation: Idaho’s Public Lands

April 1oth, 2013 Panelists for the KBSX community conversation included: Scott Bedke is the Speaker of the Idaho House and he represents House District 27. He’s a long time rancher who calls Oakley, Idaho home. Dr. John Freemuth … [Read more...]

Sine Die

Dear Editor: For Idahoans, Sine Die might as well mean, “The clown car is out of gas.” Last week the state legislature wrapped up its work for the year, four days late and $120,000 over budget. Regardless, the session is generally being … [Read more...]

Lt. Levity on brainwashing

Editor: Leave it to Idaho County Commissioner Skipper Brandt. Not only does his name sound like the lead role in a pornographic version of Gilligan’s Island, but he’s got a bone to pick with the left. In his April 9 letter to the editor in … [Read more...]

Lochsa Exchange Easement Proposed

Timber company offers idea it says would protect access, prevent development By ERIC BARKER of the The Lewiston Morning Tribune, posted: Sunday, March 17, 2013 A timber company is floating a draft conservation easement designed to protect … [Read more...]