Don Ressler, The Fitness Apparel Master

Don Ressler is a technology entrepreneur involved in several ventures at the moment. Most of his career has been behind fitness related products and services. He set up his first venture,, as a teenager and was eventually sold to Intermix Media in 2001. He also teamed up with Intermix Media to launch Alena Media.

Alena Media was eventually sold to Newscorp, and eventually fizzled out among the corporate giants. The two young men eventually went on to form Intelligent Beauty, a cosmetics and beauty supply e-commerce shop. The team at eventually went on to build several consumer brands that directly sold to customers. Their products even received millions of dollars from venture capital companies.

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Don Ressler and his partners launched JustFab in 2010. Matrix Partners poured millions of dollars of investment into the company to help launch it into the giant that it is today. Rho Ventures and Crossover Ventures also joined in on the funding in 2012. FabKids was taken over by them in 2013. They hoped that they could market children’s fitness clothing on to their previous clients that were potentially parents.

Kate Hudson joined JustFab in order to launch Fabletics. The actress uses her fame and fan base to promote women’s fitness clothing, most notably women’s leggings. Kate picks out her favorite products on and promotes them using her own fan base. Running pants, gym accessories, shirts and swimwear are all a part of their arsenal. The company has been actively expanding internationally in Australia, Canada, Europe and other big markets.

George Soros Seeks To Create A More Open Global Society

George Soros is one of the world’s richest people with what Forbes describes as a fortune of more than $25 billion built from his successful hedge fund that was established in 1970. However successful George Soros has become as a financial expert making money across the globe as a leader on a range of financial markets the work the Hungarian born former refugee has completed as a philanthropist will be the legacy he eventually leaves behind; Soros began his philanthropic work as early as 1979 when he became concerned about the problems facing black South African’s under the Apartheid regime of the period. The Open Society Foundations report the work of George Soros as a philanthropist has seen him provide over $12 billion in funding for a range of good causes that reflect his own beliefs.

The work completed by George Soros through his Open Society Foundations has included a range of activities being completed in a bid to push forward the philosophy of the open society Soros came into contact with as a student in London. After surviving the Holocaust following the occupation of Hungary by Nazi forces from 1944 to 1945 Soros fled the Communist regime in Hungary as a refugee to start a new life in London as a student at the London School of Economics; it was during his studies at LSE that George Soros first came into contact with the philosopher Karl Popper who introduced him to the open society teachings that include the chance for every person to live a free and successful life.

George Soros has not only looked to aid many different groups around the world, but his focus has often been on groups who are marginalized in traditional society; the work of George Soros began with the Apartheid fight and continued with the supply of copying equipment passed into the former Communist Eastern Bloc to ease the publication of texts banned by Socialist regimes. As the years have moved along the focus of George Soros has been to look for new areas of interest for the Open Society Foundations that have been focused across regions of Africa, Asia, Europe, and North America to support those who feel they are not permitted to live within traditional closed societies. One of the aspects of this has been to provide support for those affected by human trafficking, the sex industry, drug abuse, and members of the LGBT community. George Soros may have been alive for eight decades but his areas of interest continue to evolve as his concerns through the Open Society Foundations as he continues to fight for the rights of those who feel they have not got a traditional place in society.

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Omar Boraie: The Visionary And Dedicated Real Estate Tycoon

Boraie Development LLC is a company founded by Omar Boraie who specializes on urban real estate market. The areas that this company concentrates on comprise real estate development, property management, as well as sales and marketing. Boraie Development is committed to starting an era of impressive properties in New Brunswick. As Omar Boraie has completed his latest project in New Brunswick, a luxury deluxe high-rise residential in the heart of a city called The Aspire, he felt like he is the happiest person in the world. That feeling is because of a couple of things; Omar Boraie’s vision for the New Brunswick, one that he saw 40 years ago, is starting to take shape and that citizen of New Brunswick no longer think he is crazy for achieving the impossible.

Omar, the 73-year-old, warm-hearted patriarch, and president of Boraie Development LLC let out a laugh as he thought of all the doubters he has faced since he decided to make his dream come true, reports Dream about rebuilding New Brunswick, in the same manner, he had firsthand witnessed in Europe when he was a traveling as a chemistry scholar. When in 1972, he started there, it was awful. People could not walk on the streets even in the sunlight after PM. Everybody had left that city. But that was the Omar who thought that now is the time to think seriously about this place.

Back at that time, New Brunswick looked nothing like what you presently see from a panoramic view from 18th-floor office on Albany Street. In fact according to the NY Times, the view did not exist at all, but because of his hard work, dedication, and love for that piece of land, he has done it what people thought as impossible. When he was planning for such project, people thought that he is crazy, but in reality, that project was ahead of their time, so they had a time understanding it. Albany Street Plaza Tower One brought a city required Class A office space, during the 1980s and ’90s. Tower Two which is situated next to the first one was completed in 2003, helping New Brunswick to add more office space of Class A.

According to, he has also funded the different project in the city to help people of New Brunswick to enjoy life. Recently the State Theatre has announced that Free Summer Movies Series is going to make a return in this summer and Boraie Development has sponsored it. The series will also Feature movies such as E.T. Extra Terrestrial, Frozen, Babe, Despicable Me 2, Aladdin and Monster University. A movie that will be on air for the first time will start from July 12. The perennial Community Access Initiatives of State Theatre welcomes the community to enjoy an assortment of completely free events. The kindness from Boraie Development will facilitate the series to reach a huge number of people that summer. Moreover, the high-tech facilities at State Theatre will give an unmatched experience for movie goers.

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Dick And Betsy DeVos Offer Help Without Force

There are many ways that people offer to help others. Among the common ways that people offer help is to make sure that the other person they are offering the help to knows that they are receiving the offer. In this case, the person can decide whether or not they want to receive the help. This is actually one of the best ways to offer help to people. However, a lot of people offer help in the wrong way. One of the ways they do it is by trying to force it on others and even get in the way of what they are doing for themselves. This can actually make things worse for the person they are trying to help.

One of the most helpful people in the community is Betsy DeVos. She has looked at the issues that people in her community have been faced with. She has looked for ways to build alternatives in the educational system. This is not so that she could force it on people. This is so that people can know that there are alternatives. When people are aware of alternatives, then they will actually opt for the alternative if they know enough about it. Check this article from NYPost.

One of the things that Betsy DeVos recommends that people do when it comes to looking at alternatives is to read about all of the advantages and disadvantages of the alternatives that are being offered. When people know all about what is being offered to them, then they could make a better choice on the offer. They will know what they need to do in order to make sure that they are getting the best of the offer. Visit Betsy’s website at

One of the reasons that Dick and Betsy DeVos don’t try to force their options on people is that it would negate the meaning of what they are offering. They are offering school choice. Therefore, it is meant to represent the name of the type of choice that is being offered. One thing they want for people is freedom. Part of freedom is the type of schools they can go to in order to get the best possible education.

Bruno Fagali – Top Most Lawyer In Brazil In The Field Of Compliance And Corporate Ethics

He has worked with numerous top law firms in the country as an intern and associate, before starting his law firm, Fagali Advocacy. Bruno Fagali has an extensive academic portfolio, and on top of his law studies, he has done some diploma courses to add to his legal knowledge and expertise.

At Brazilian Society of Public Law, Bruno Fagali took eight classes for a Parliamentary law that helped him understand the intricacies of administrative law deeply. He completed his State Law Training Course from the traditional Institute of Administrative Law Paulista. He further did a diploma course on the administrative law from Getulio Vargas Foundation and did a course on compliance from the same institute.

After completing his studies, he worked with numerous leading Brazilian law firms and gathered legislative experience through exposure to a wide range of critical cases in the field of administrative law, civil law and compliance law. He got practical experience when he joined as a lawyer at Radi, Calil and Associados Advocacia. He is one of the most qualified lawyers in the country today and was even awarded the scholarship at the University of Sao Paulo.

Bruno Fagali serves as the lawyer and owner at Fagali Advocacy and is the Business Integrity Manager at Nova/SB Advertising Agency. He is also an associate at Brazilian Institute of Law and Corporate Ethics and is a reputed member of the Society of Corporate Compliance and Ethics.



The Making of Talent Acquisition Expert Julie Zuckerberg

Julie Zuckerberg is a decorated talent acquisition expert. Currently, she is the talent acquisition manager and executive recruitment lead at Deutsche Bank. Julie graduated with a bachelor’s degree in philosophy from the City University of New York-Brooklyn College. She later earned her JD from the New York School for her JD. She is richly endowed with skills in talent management, talent acquisition, team leadership and executive search. After completing her studies, she was employed as the director of candidate placement at Hudson from 2002 to 2007. At this position, Julie was responsible for recruiting case managers, paralegals, and both temporary and permanent support staff. At the same time, Julie excellently carried out employee coaching, counseling and conflict resolution. She provided employees with information concerning working conditions, opportunities for promotion and benefits. Julie also served as the link between clients and staff in resolving workplace problems in compliance with legal requirements.


In October 2007Julie left Hudson for Citi Global Consumer Bank in New York where served as the vice president, executive recruiter, and NA professional. During her tenure, she was responsible for managing retained search firms for activities in fee negation, company selection, and candidate vetting. She led the negotiations of complex job offers such as equity buyouts, deferred awards, and clawbacks. She also sources the best talents globally and managed international relocation and expatriate processes for candidates from other regions. Moreover, she advised senior business leaders on matters regarding recruitment, compensation trends, competitive markets and talent acquisition. Julie worked with the diversity team to facilitate promotions and manage internal mobility of the managing directors. Moreover, Julie gave insights in recruiting methods including internet search, employee referrals, social media and direct sourcing. She also counseled managers on various hiring issues such as creating job specifications, open position specification, and succession planning. In 2013, she joined New York Life Insurance Company as the hire recruiting lead and corporate vice president. During her tenure, the experienced recruiting expert partnered with other executives to analyze the needs of their consumers and offer innovative and creative business solutions. She also managed recruitment process to outsource team project managers and recruiters. Julie also served as the client relationship guide for all hiring roles requiring experienced individuals.


Currently, she works as the executive talent acquisition lead and executive recruitment manager of Deutsche Bank, a position she has held since November 2015. In her current position, Julie is responsible for driving regional talent acquisition strategies through collaborating with business leaders from various fields. She also leads the development and negotiation of MD level offer as well as coaching teams of recruiters and recruitment coordinators. Julie also counsels leaderships and executive about hiring and excellent recruitment practices that can increase the efficiency of attracting the top-notch talents in various disciplines. Outside of her career, Julie is involved in volunteer activities in charitable activities, where she organizes platforms for coaching and counseling employees in the philanthropy industry. She is also involved in issues concerning animal welfare, culture and arts, civil rights, social action and economic empowerment. Her success in every position she served has been as a result of her firm believe that hiring the right talent is a crucial aspect for business success.

The statement that Squaw Valley Ski Holdings have issued on the quality of water on upper Mountain

Earlier this week, there was a report that surfaced indicating that a strain of E. coli had been found in the waters that Squaw Valley uses for drinking in their upper mountain. The company has come out to issue a statement on the matter. The Hotels that are part of the Upper Mountain have been closed for the entire week as a result of the issue and the people using the resorts are not allowed to take the water within the premises.

The statement the company made regarding the issues indicated that the genesis of the problem was the unusually heavy downpour on the mountains. The rain led to the compromise of some of the clean water systems in the entire area. The water system that the company had installed the previous summer suffered inundation and the entire system got contaminated. They state that even though the contamination affected the line, none of the water that they have made available to the public was affected by the problem at any point.

They further disclosed that they did discover that there was an issue with their water system and that when they did; they contacted the Placer County Environmental Health and the Squaw Valley Public Service District. In addition to that, they sought for pinions from other experts on water safety and when they did, they got the assistance that they needed to fix the problem within the system. They stated that they are still fixing the issues with the system and they believe that with time, they will manage to completely clear the problem.

The company assured the people living or visiting their facilities that the normal usage of the water system would not be resumed till a point came when they were completely sure that the system was working in the proper manner. The management of the company was quick to add that they deeply valued the safety and comfort f their customers and that they could not do anything that put their health at risk. It is the hope of the management that the entire problem will be completely resolved.

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