Venezuela Releases National Crypto Currency Whitepaper, Set to Launch February 20th with Jordan Lindsey

Earlier this week, Venezuela announced the official release of the whitepaper supporting the Initial Coin Offering (ICO) launch of its oil backed, national crypto currency, the petro.

The 22 page whitepaper, signed by Venezuelan President Maduro, has the crypto currency community praising and noting some anomalies peculiar to this government launched crypto.

100 million petro, will be created, with each petro subdivided into 100 million parts, similar to what digital currency investors already familiar with bitcoin’s refer to as satoshis.

Petro’s micro units will be called the mene, a word that means petroleum in the wayuu dialect widely spoken in Venezuela.

The launch will offer a pre-sale of a little over 38 percent of the petro, which is set to occur beginning February 20th. An additional 44 percent of the petro will be offered the following month and the balance will be held by the country’s Superintendency of Currency and Related Activities. There is a hard cap limit set at $4.9 billion for the ICO, which if reached, will be increased.

The country provides further assurances that the petro will be accepted by the government for fees due, including payment of taxes and other government imposed expenses.

Backed by 5 billion barrels of crude oil, the petro was declared illegal with the Venezuelan National Assembly declaring that the currency could not be backed by the country’s oil reserves.

Maduro maintained his focus, by getting the backing of 10 additional nations, offering them discounts of 60 percent for their early investment commitments.

After the initial public sale, no new petro will be issued, a model slightly different from the way that other crypto currencies generate new coins through a proof of work model. The petro model does allow for a proof of stake, however.

With the exception of the US, Petro will be listed on all major global exchanges.

About Jordan Lindsey

Founder of JCL Capital, Jordan Lindsey, has a strong reputation as an expert in finance and crypto currency technologies.

Lindsey is the creator of the Bitcoin Growth Bot and the tutorial for purchasing the Nucleus, NCL, token in his own upcoming ICO pre-sale.

Jordan Lindsey serves as an advisor for Energia Global, located in the San Francisco bay area.

How to Prioritize Your Health with Elysium’s Basis

Many people are not completely satisfied with their health. In our modern society, some find it difficult to maintain a regular exercise routine or stick to a healthy diet. The effort it takes to change bad habits can be daunting and can keep you from achieving optimal health.

While it is key to eat natural foods and exercise regularly, there are other stepping stones that can help you become healthier. One way to do so is to try nutritional supplements. Over the past few years, Elysium Health has offered customers a way to support their overall health through supplementation.

The Power of Basis by Elysium Health

NAD+ is a coenzyme that is required for many cellular functions like DNA maintenance, circadian rhythms, and other vital functions. NAD+ levels decrease naturally as we age, and those cellular functions tend to break down. Elysium Health’s Basis is a supplement that is designed to increase levels of NAD+ in humans in order to counteract the decline of the coenzyme.

Elysium Health funded a clinical study in 2016 to prove that the effects of Basis work as they are supposed to. Those who took two capsules of the supplement daily for a month saw an average increase of 40% in their NAD+ levels and sustained those levels with a regular intake of Basis. The results of the study were published in the journal npj: Aging and Mechanisms of Disease in November of 2017.

Basis is gluten-free and nut-free, vegetarian and vegan, as well as free of any artificial colors and flavors.

Basis is available on Elysium Health’s website. It costs $60 for a one-time purchase of a month’s supply. There are also monthly subscriptions to the supplement available which bring the cost down the $40-50 depending on the length of the subscription.

The Benefits of Waiakea Water

In today’s society, there are tons of companies that sell water bottles, so what makes Waiakea water favorable compared to other brands? This article is designed to explain why you should choose this Hawaii Volcanic water over other brands you see at the grocery store.

You may question why the Waiakea water is referred to as Hawaiian Volcanic water. Let’s take a closer look into it. This water can be found passing over the top of the world’s most active volcano, the Mauna Loa. This is the water’s natural filtration system. During this process, acid, that is normally found in other brands of water, is removed.

Since most of the water is removed in the filtration process, this makes the water truly alkaline. This water is almost pure alkaline, meaning the pH level of the water is between 7 and 8. Where pure water is a 7 on the pH scale. Most bottles of Waiakea water tests between 7.8 and 8.8 on the pH scale. Since it is found naturally alkaline, it is healthier than the other artificial waters.

Since the water flows through Mauna Loa, it gains many minerals and electrolytes along the way. This water also has 30 mg of Silica. Studies have shown that consuming Silica can reduce the risk of Alzheimer’s Disease. Aside from having health benefits, the packaging facility that bottles it relies on renewable energy, making it carbon neutral.

There are many benefits to the Waiakea water brand, both related to your health and the environment. Waiakea is an all natural water bottle company, whereas all the of the other water bottle brands that you see in the store are produced artificially. You may just want to take a minute and think about which one might be best for you in the long run.

Louis Chenevert Left UTC Better Than He Found It

Louis Chenevert has accomplished a memorable amount of great things during his time at United Technologies Corporation.

Louis Chenevert was the president of Pratt and Whitney in 1999 and learned about turbofan engines. When he became the CEO of United Technologies Corporation in 2006 he brought that knowledge and his understanding of how GTF technology was key in reducing fuel consumption. He put billions into designing a jet engine that employed that technology and changed his industry forever.

He had insight others didn’t into what UTC could be and invested into technology that moved that vision forward. Without his investments and his belief in the technology, the company would never be where it is today. In the article, it’s mentioned that the current CEO Gregory Hayes tells his employees it’s his job to leave the company better than how he found it. Chenevert did just that with UTC.

Louis Chenevert is known as a pioneer in the aerospace industry. He started working with General Motors and moved up until he became the Production General Manager.

Pratt and Whitney, the aerospace manufacturer, was looking for someone to come in and turn things around. That’s what Chenevert did when he took over. Since they are a subsidiary of United Technologies Corporation he was able to marry the two and be competitive in all things civilian and military when it came to a wide variety of products.

One of the most notable things he did during his time as CEO was work out the buying of Goodrich. The Goodrich Corporation was an aerospace manufacturer and had been a huge producer of rubber for the entire world. He wanted to acquire the company to take advantage of the aircraft component of the company. In 2011 he purchased the company for a little over eighteen billion and pushed UTC up to become a multinational conglomeration.

After accomplishing everything he wanted, he stepped down as the CEO in 2014. This was a move that shocked a lot of people since UTC was doing so well. He now gets to design yachts and enjoy being retired.

Nevo Energy Drink by Jeunesse: A Drink Like No Other

The energy drink market in the United States is pretty crowded some might say. It does seem like there are a lot of brands to choose from at this point. People can have a Red Bull, a Monster, Rockstar, etc. etc. However, of those drinks, there is just not one that meets all of the needs that energy drink consumers have. That is to say that none of these drinks up to this point have provided the level of energy that the consumer wants while at the same time keeping things a little on the healthier side for them. It just has not happened to this point.

Things have now changed with the release of Nevo energy drink from Jeunesse Global. The company that has made its whole mission about helping people look and feel younger has really stepped it up with this one. They have made a great tasting energy drink that only has fifty calories per can. It also lacks artificial flavors, colors, or sweeteners. How about that for a powerful piece of energy in your daily life? That is why so many people are currently enjoying and appreciating what Jeunesse Global has done for their life.

Famous people like Lance Armstrong are on board with this drink. It is something that can help him step up his performance without gaining weight. That of course is something that he feels that he has to watch out for given the level of competition that he faces. If he trusts it at that level, shouldn’t the rest of us also be able to stick our necks out and see how important this is?

Nevo comes in four different flavors for you to enjoy. Acai Grape, Mixed Berry, Peach Mango, and Lemon Ginger are what you can find as the tastes you will enjoy with this beverage. Those blow other energy drinks out of the water in a lot of ways.

Make the change today to a healthier energy drink that still provides you with just the kick that you need to drive your life into second gear. You will surely appreciate all that this drink does for your life overall when you start to have them on a regular basis.

Entrepreneurial Spirit Hit CEO Doe Deere Early On

In an interview with Guestofaguest, Doe Deere was quite the engaging child growing up in her native Russia. She was artistic, imaginative and enjoyed playing with makeup. At age 13, she was selling temporary tattoos to her classmates, having convinced them that the trend was hot and a must-have item. Her fellow students agreed and looked to Doe Deere for fashion and beauty inspiration.


By her late teens, Doe Deere had moved to New York City and quickly got comfortable with becoming a small business owner. She dabbled in running an eBay clothing store and later joined a rock band. It was there that she met her future husband Mark. They became great working partners, and today, he is president of Lime Crime cosmetics.


Doe Deere founded the makeup brand in 2008 because she believed that the industry was lacking variety, bold fantasy makeup and a modern approach. She fearlessly jumped in, hoping her wild and crazy colored palettes would gain popularity.


Doe Deere recommends that would-be entrepreneurs learn as much as they can about their business and always look ahead to maintain its modern profile and consumer interest. For her, building her brand on e-commerce was an intelligent move, Doe Deere believes that online shopping is the wave of the future. Being adept at social media also catapulted her Lime Crime brand to the top.


Today, Lime Crime boasts more than 3.3 million followers on Instagram, and the social media site is one of the most colorful and glamorous kinds out there. Fans enjoy seeing what’s new in cosmetics and leaving their comments at the inspirational site.


Doe Deere believes that makeup, hair and fashion all blend into one when defining beauty. She enjoys mixin’ it up with hair color and loves dyeing her mane purple. It’s fun, sexy, and women across the globe are enjoying the trend. Lime Crime makeup has recently introduced Unicorn Hair tint in a delicious rainbow of shades to choose from. These are gentle, semi-permanent hair tints that won’t damage your locks and promise to fade out gracefully.


The Velvetines lipsticks are Lime Crime’s most coveted beauty products and quickly became cult favorites. Doe Deere’s latest beauty launches are also her Plushies; they are nude lipsticks that won’t budge, flake or peel and offer a softer makeup approach. Shades like Sheer Golden Brown, Sheer Grape, Sheer Dusty Rose and Sheer Blackberry are a few of the sumptuous colors in the 12-shade collection.


Doe Deere is also working on debuting a liquid foundation in the near future, one that will offer beautiful shades for every complexion.


Lime Crime is proud to be a certified vegan and cruelty-free beauty brand. The company is based in Los Angeles, California. The makeup is also now exclusively available to Chinese shoppers through e-commerce fashion store Revolve. Learn more:


Lime Crime cosmetics are mainly sold online but can also be bought at popular retail stores like Urban Outfitters and Dolls Kill.


Check out Lime Crime makeup here.

American Institute of Architects Enhances Professionalism in the Building Industry

American Institute of Architects Enhances Professionalism in the Building Industry

American Institute of Architects (AIA) in the United States has its head offices in Washington D.C. It is an expert organization for architects that supports architecture occupation and enhances their brand. The backing is done through public outreaches, training, government advocacy and public redevelopment. AIA collaborates with other associates in the plan and construction to manage the building industry.

Founded in 1857 in New York, AIA aim was to encourage the scientific and practical excellence of its members. Before the existence of this organization, anyone would pose as an architect, as there were no professional training institutions. Architectural certification regulations and licensing systems were also nonexistence in the United States.

The AIA members came up with New York Society regulations and constitution in 1857 March 10. Later it was amended in 1858 and name changed to American Institute of Architects. With an aim to support the creative, scientific, and applied profession of its affiliates, AIA facilitates their interaction and fellowship. It is an organization that enhances the professionalism of its members through the leadership of its CEO Robert Ivy.

American Institute of Architects has over 250 chapters and more than 90, 000 licensed members. These architects and associated experts observe a code of ethics and proficient conduct that guarantee professionalism to all its clients. Architectural practice requires dedicated individuals with exceptional standards of specialized training. The organization has five categories of membership determined by the level of training and licensing. Each level has its responsibilities and capabilities in the building industry.

Governed by Board of Directors, AIA has more than 200 full time dedicated and committed personnel. It is a national organization with 300 local components located across Europe, Japan, Hong Kong, United Kingdom, and the United States. These regional mechanisms help members to focus and reflect on their professional life. Watch AIANational on youtube.

The American Institute of Architects executive vice president and chief executive officer Robert Ivy has transformed the organization since 2011. He plans to shift AIA to a more proactive, approachable, and influential institution. The goal is to make known to the public the importance and significance of the architects. Of priority would be the restructuring of the organizations’ governance to enhance policymaking and construct a hi-tech infrastructure. In addition, the CEO plans to allocate resources for the preparation of architects in addressing current issues. Designs should discuss public health, climate change and sustainability matters.

Before joining AIA, Robert Ivy served in McGraw-Hill Construction as the vice-president and editorial director. He was the chief editor of Architectural Record Magazine, and during this period, the company earned several publishing industry awards. Alpha Rho Chi, the state architecture network recognized him for successfully communicating the worth of design.

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The American Institute Of Architects Looks To A Brighter Future

The future of the people of the U.S. and the world as a whole will see a major change to the way communities are planned in terms of buildings and how they are constructed. The construction industry and the American Institute of Architects are now hoping to encourage a shift in focus for all newly constructed buildings and redevelopments which will have to be created with the goal of lowering the carbon footprint of each community as much as possible.

One of those who has been pushing forward a more sustainable future for all communities is Robert Ivy, CEO of the American Institue of Architects who has been using a range of public awareness tools to build a more sustainable future for all. Robert Ivy is one of the most respected individuals in the architecture industry who has a long history of bringing the latest developments, new technologies, and theories to global architects through his work as Editor-in-Chief of “Architectural Digest” which includes 33 different publications dedicated to various aspects of the industry.

Robert Ivy has led the work of the American Institute of Architects since 2011 and highlighted the need for a new period of sustainability among the communities of the U.S. In 2013, the American Institute of Architects began a partnership with the Clinton Foundation which was designed to provide a higher quality of housing for low-income families across areas affected by natural disasters; the “Designing Recovery” program called on individual architects to develop new ways of constructing buildings which would allow lower costs, shortened construction times, and increased sustainability to feature heavily. In total, $30,000 in prizes were offered to the winning architects who created single-family homes which were created to be located in Louisiana, Missouri, and New York. As with the majority of the work completed by the American Institute of Architects under Robert Ivy’s leadership, the aim was to provide blueprints to aid in the construction of a range of single-family homes in areas where natural disasters had occurred. A number of the single-family home designs have been made available free of charge to communities affected by natural disasters in the hope they will spark the creativity and development of new communities across the nation. Learn more about Robert Ivy at Steel Institute of New York

Not only has the American Institute of Architects sought to develop a new way of building success for communities in the future, the group has also been instrumental in developing new regulations across the construction industry. From its Washington D.C. headquarters, the American Institute of Architects works with government agencies to ensure new regulations are correct and introduced in a fair manner.

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Finding Wedding Venues That Are Best For You

Here in the New York City area, brides have an unlimited choice of unique wedding venues to choose from, The only problem is, which one is best for you? The venue should reflect the personalities of the two people entering marriage, and fit the visual appeal you desire for your guests. By addressing some important details for the wedding ceremony and reception, the stress of selecting an ideal venue can melt away.


First things first. Make sure you and your partner have a mutual understanding of the plans for the wedding. An agreed guest count should be reached first because the number of guests will be one of the first questions asked by management. Remember that you want your guests to be comfortable, so if the venue is smaller than preferred, don’t try to fit in extra chairs.


Choose a venue that fits the overall theme of your wedding. Traditional, modern, or a special style that integrates a specific theme are great choices. If a Hollywood theme is chosen, maybe consider a theatre or playhouse that would love to rent extra space out. For an outdoor wedding, think of farms, ranches, and mansions that have plenty of outdoor space.


In New York City a new wedding venue trend has emerged: A rooftop. There are numerous venues that are located on the top of the towering buildings. Rooftops provide a spectacular outdoor view, fresh air, and many have landscaping which adds greenery to your decor.


Before the venue is chosen, consult with a wedding planner. If you have a few venues in mind, try to meet with wedding planners that are familiar with those locations. They can advise you on seating and decor, and whether high expectations will be met.


Another important consultation will be with the photographer. The photographer will have an eye for preferred lighting or disfigurements that may interfere with the wedding party and guest photo taking. No matter what venue you choose, make sure you and your partner are happy with it. Long as it beautiful and provides your guest with a fun and comfortable experience.