Jeff Herman of Jeff Herman Law Firm, is a trial lawyer based in America, and he focuses on representing sexual abuse victims. He was born in 1959 and was brought up in Youngstown in Ohio. He studied at Case Western University law school, where he attained his Juris Doctorate. He is known for the clergy exposure scandal on sexual abuse in the Miami and Denver archdiocese. He is also known for the one hundred million US dollars verdict imposed on Rev. Doherty who had sexually abused his client since this was the heaviest verdict ever conceded on a priest individually.


Jeff Herman has been exposing the sexual predators and the organizations that shelter them for over a decade now. He has been on headlines and has been featured in several magazines. He has been in the USA Today, The New York Magazines, Forbes, CNN among other media avenues where he has shed more light on the sexual abuse and harassment issue at length. Find Related Information in his interview with IdeaMensch.


The United States Senate is being pushed by both Corey Feldman and Barnhard to enact the Child Victim’s Act. Jeff Herman is the New York’s leading attorney in cases of high profile lawsuits, and the enactment of this Act would not only bring justice to his clients but bring freedom to the victims in the shortest period possible. A group known as “The New Yorkers Against Hidden Predators” has also joined hands with this two to put more pressure on the Senate to pass the Law.


This Act would remove both civil and criminal statutes that limit sexual abuse cases and would also give a window of a year for all the cases reserved pending for fifty years and below to be heard in court. The current civil law states that, a rape case should be presented in a court five year after the act. If the Child Victims Act (S.809) is enacted, then a person will be required to file a lawsuit a year after the act except for members of an establishment like a school or a church who will file their lawsuit after 3yrs of the act. Jeff Herman as exposed big names like Kelvin Clash and Jerry Sandusky with no fear giving the victims their voice again.





The Rocketship Education Program Evolves

A great number of people are looking at Rocketship Education as a very good source of Charter School Education for children that may be in poverty-stricken neighborhoods. This is a school system that has managed to help a lot of kids and low income families gain a better perspective on their education in their elementary years. This is certainly something that has allowed many people to get their children prepped in the elementary years.

Rocketship Education Charter Schools do not go up to high school level, but these are charter schools that prepare students during their core years. This gives these students a much better grasp of the type of material that they will be learning as they get older. This is a good system because it gives a whole new light to bringing forth better college-ready students.

Rocketship Education has proven to be effective. This is the reason why this charter school system is spreading to Washington, D. C. This is also the reason why Wisconsin has embraced this school system as well. It originated in San Francisco, but Rocketship Education is even touching families in Tennessee. This all shows that this is a school system that works. Over 15, 000 students are able to benefit from school systems such as this, and more parents are waiting for opportunities to get their children enrolled in this school system as well. The logic is there for those that want to get connected with this type of school environment.

It brings for the whole new era of school systems that are designed to meet the challenges that just are not addressed in public school. Students, at times, will need access to a personalized learning environment. When a teacher is able to tailor

the workload for a student based on the way that they learn. It becomes easier for them to process the material. This also results in a much better system for educating those that may have been failing elsewhere. Rocketship charter schools are the wave of the future, and more people are looking for an opportunity to get on board with this type of environment.

Heal N Soothe, An All-Natural Pain-Relieving Drug

Heal N Soothe is an all-natural pain reliever that does not contain the glucosamine and chondroitin combination. It is the creation of Living Well Nutraceuticals that helps clients to relieve pain in a natural manner. It is a combination of pain relieving ingredients and some strong natural anti-inflammatory ingredients that have been proven to work.


Heal N Soothe is a pain reliever made with natural ingredients including bromelain which is extracted from pineapple and has been indicated that it short-circuits a number of hurt trails in the human body. Other natural ingredients are the turmeric extract obtained from the roots of plants, papain which works in breaking proteins, rutin which is found naturally from some fruits and has some great anti-inflammatory properties. Heal N Soothe puts Mother Nature’s Natural Painkillers To Work against your pain.


Other natural ingredients used in the production of Heal N Soothe are; Devils claws, citrus bioflavonoids that are used to absorb vitamins and the ginger extract that has been used in ages to treat nausea and helping in pain reduction. Get More Information Here.


Dr. Thompson says Heal N Soothe is a natural supplement that works well when you take it continuously because it will help relieve pain and help you age gracefully. It is a good product for those recovering from surgery and accidents. Heal N Soothe has helped people and has satisfied clients who can be able to walk around the yard, do exercises, and relieving chronic back pain that was preventing people to do some normal chores.


Heal N Soothe is made up of a combination of several pain-fighting nutrients and some unbelievable systematic enzymes that provides solid pain lighting effects straight from natural ingredients. Heal N Soothe has no danger fillers or preservatives. Heal N Soothe has the power to thin the blood and break down scar tissues. Heal N Soothe helps the patient’s body to heal faster, feel better and get the pain relief easily. The drug is sold with a guarantee of return of the product in case it does not work in relieving the pain. Heal N Soothe is a product that has each ingredient scientifically proven to reduce pain and inflammation, together, the ingredients work magically in the reduction of pain.


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