Reasons Why Madison Street Capital is a Trendsetter in the Investment World

Four main characteristics define a successful management entity. They include futuristic leadership, excellence in operations, integrity in all dealings, and better services. All these four characteristics define Madison Street Capital. Madison Street Capital reputation in merger and acquisition of different companies around the USA is unmatched. The company has been keen on making emerging markets a valuable investment plan for their clients.



Last month (October 2018), Madison Street Capital was an important actor in the Sachs Capital expansion agenda. As one of the Madison pillars of assisting companies makes the right investment decision, the company was instrumental in ensuring that Sachs Capital gets the best deal in the famous RMG deal. Through Sachs Capital Group representatives, the role that Madison Street Capital played in the deal was great. The service and guidance rendered when contrasted with industry standards were unmatched. The endless advice was instrumental in closing the deal successfully. Gregory H. Sachs acknowledged that the company did not only act as an investment manager but a friend of Sachs.



What are the reasons that have elevated Madison Street Capital reputation in the past? Some of the reasons why Madison Street Capital is a global leader in the investment management world include the following. First, it is one of the few companies in this financial niche with operations around the world. Madison Street Capital has operations in USA, Europe, and Asia and in Africa. This diversification gives the company a better footing in investment management. The expansive agenda gives the company a wider market to serve and therefore help many entities and investors.



Second, Madison Street Capital has one of the most experienced workforces in the fast-growing investment markets. The company is home to one of the smartest individual in all spheres of investments, especially in alternative investments. The main reason for this well-constituted team of specialists is pegged on the company’s recruitment policy. As a company that believes in good services to companies and individuals, the trained and talented workforce is an added advantage.



What is the future of Madison Street Capital? The future of this company can only be termed as bright. The world of business is expanding and this reality brings in many factors. The changes according to financial pundits are unavoidable. Fortunately, for Madison Street Capital presents them with a chance to help the clients get better returns from their investments. As the banking space continues to shrink, Madison Street Capital is emerging as an alternative entity in better management and a source of unlimited advice.



In a 2012 interview with “Today in America”, the CEO of this company demonstrated the client’s value to the company. According to him, the company not only safeguards the client’s investment but also helps them expand their investment vision.


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One of the Leading Meat Processing Company in the World- OSI Food Solutions

The OSI Food Solutions is an American based meat processing company with an international presence in 17 countries. The company focuses on retail food services and has 65 facilities where its headquarters are located in Aurora, Illinois. Its history dates back in 1909 when a German national, Otto Kolschowsky immigrated to the United States and he settled in Illinois before opening a meat supply business in 1911. Moreover, the family business grew exponentially, and by 1917, Otto began yet another wholesale supply of meat in Maywood near the Chicago suburb.

Further, by 1928 the meat company had adopted the name “Otto & Sons” as over the years it had continued to flourish and eventually partnering with some of the most prominent restaurants. A good example was the McDonald’s restaurant, started in 1955 by Ray Kroc where they would later become their main clients. Notably, Otto & Sons Company was able to supply to the McDonald’s after incorporating the nitrogen freezing technique of preserving their meat where the method was discovered in the 1960s. The company later rebranded to the OSI Food Solutions and currently has more than 20,000 employees due to its expansion and quality services globally. Find out more at

About OSI Food Solutions’ Achievements

The OSI was recently awarded “The Globe of Honor Awards” presented in 2016 by the British Safety Council. This came after it was recognized for its exceptional management services in the environment sector. Again, the luncheon event that took place in London at the Draper’s Hall was in respect to companies which had earned a maximum of five stars in the audit scheme conducted by the British Safety Council. What’s more, to qualify for the awards, the company chosen had to have undergone scrutiny from independent panelists to prove their excellence in environmental management all round their business where OSI Food Solutions scooped the first position.

Furthermore, as part of the company’s growth strategy, the OSI also purchased the Flagship Europe Group from the United Kingdom. The Flagship Europe was a company that focused its business on the supply of a range of quality products such as sauces, pies, mayonnaise, and frozen poultry among others. In addition to this, the current CEO of OSI Food Solutions, David G McDonald stated that the acquisition of Flagship Europe would broaden the company’s business scope in Europe, hence addressing the customer’s needs in the area.

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These opportunities helped him to get a rigid comprehension of the manner in which politics and economic impact the society. In 2008, he went back to Washington and took over the role of Director of International Programs. All credit goes to his economic expertise since it helped him to focus on sustainability and effectiveness. Ted Bauman joined Banyan Hill Publishing in 2013 where he started working as a part-time editor. With his incredible skills in writing, he began a newsletter that was meant to advise on preservation and securing wealth and called it by his name, Ted Bauman Letter. He offers investment tips and outstanding strategies that are aimed at helping subscribers. He recently launched Smart Money which is a weekly stock trading service.

His business opinions, ideas, and perspectives are useful to prospects and interested members in this field. Ted Bauman has been hosted for many interviews to share about his life and successful career. In one of his interviews, he was asked to explain how he started his business and what inspired him in starting it. Ted stated that he had always had an internal desire and interest to help other people. He affirmed that he is happy with his financial background since it has enabled him to achieve this dream. He noted that his mission was inspired by his great interest and desire in fighting for and protecting for the other people’s rights form any form of threats posed by government and large businesses.