Bruno Fagali – Top Most Lawyer In Brazil In The Field Of Compliance And Corporate Ethics

He has worked with numerous top law firms in the country as an intern and associate, before starting his law firm, Fagali Advocacy. Bruno Fagali has an extensive academic portfolio, and on top of his law studies, he has done some diploma courses to add to his legal knowledge and expertise.

At Brazilian Society of Public Law, Bruno Fagali took eight classes for a Parliamentary law that helped him understand the intricacies of administrative law deeply. He completed his State Law Training Course from the traditional Institute of Administrative Law Paulista. He further did a diploma course on the administrative law from Getulio Vargas Foundation and did a course on compliance from the same institute.

After completing his studies, he worked with numerous leading Brazilian law firms and gathered legislative experience through exposure to a wide range of critical cases in the field of administrative law, civil law and compliance law. He got practical experience when he joined as a lawyer at Radi, Calil and Associados Advocacia. He is one of the most qualified lawyers in the country today and was even awarded the scholarship at the University of Sao Paulo.

Bruno Fagali serves as the lawyer and owner at Fagali Advocacy and is the Business Integrity Manager at Nova/SB Advertising Agency. He is also an associate at Brazilian Institute of Law and Corporate Ethics and is a reputed member of the Society of Corporate Compliance and Ethics.



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