Omar Boraie: The Visionary And Dedicated Real Estate Tycoon

Boraie Development LLC is a company founded by Omar Boraie who specializes on urban real estate market. The areas that this company concentrates on comprise real estate development, property management, as well as sales and marketing. Boraie Development is committed to starting an era of impressive properties in New Brunswick. As Omar Boraie has completed his latest project in New Brunswick, a luxury deluxe high-rise residential in the heart of a city called The Aspire, he felt like he is the happiest person in the world. That feeling is because of a couple of things; Omar Boraie’s vision for the New Brunswick, one that he saw 40 years ago, is starting to take shape and that citizen of New Brunswick no longer think he is crazy for achieving the impossible.

Omar, the 73-year-old, warm-hearted patriarch, and president of Boraie Development LLC let out a laugh as he thought of all the doubters he has faced since he decided to make his dream come true, reports Dream about rebuilding New Brunswick, in the same manner, he had firsthand witnessed in Europe when he was a traveling as a chemistry scholar. When in 1972, he started there, it was awful. People could not walk on the streets even in the sunlight after PM. Everybody had left that city. But that was the Omar who thought that now is the time to think seriously about this place.

Back at that time, New Brunswick looked nothing like what you presently see from a panoramic view from 18th-floor office on Albany Street. In fact according to the NY Times, the view did not exist at all, but because of his hard work, dedication, and love for that piece of land, he has done it what people thought as impossible. When he was planning for such project, people thought that he is crazy, but in reality, that project was ahead of their time, so they had a time understanding it. Albany Street Plaza Tower One brought a city required Class A office space, during the 1980s and ’90s. Tower Two which is situated next to the first one was completed in 2003, helping New Brunswick to add more office space of Class A.

According to, he has also funded the different project in the city to help people of New Brunswick to enjoy life. Recently the State Theatre has announced that Free Summer Movies Series is going to make a return in this summer and Boraie Development has sponsored it. The series will also Feature movies such as E.T. Extra Terrestrial, Frozen, Babe, Despicable Me 2, Aladdin and Monster University. A movie that will be on air for the first time will start from July 12. The perennial Community Access Initiatives of State Theatre welcomes the community to enjoy an assortment of completely free events. The kindness from Boraie Development will facilitate the series to reach a huge number of people that summer. Moreover, the high-tech facilities at State Theatre will give an unmatched experience for movie goers.

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