Don Ressler, The Fitness Apparel Master

Don Ressler is a technology entrepreneur involved in several ventures at the moment. Most of his career has been behind fitness related products and services. He set up his first venture,, as a teenager and was eventually sold to Intermix Media in 2001. He also teamed up with Intermix Media to launch Alena Media.

Alena Media was eventually sold to Newscorp, and eventually fizzled out among the corporate giants. The two young men eventually went on to form Intelligent Beauty, a cosmetics and beauty supply e-commerce shop. The team at eventually went on to build several consumer brands that directly sold to customers. Their products even received millions of dollars from venture capital companies.

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Don Ressler and his partners launched JustFab in 2010. Matrix Partners poured millions of dollars of investment into the company to help launch it into the giant that it is today. Rho Ventures and Crossover Ventures also joined in on the funding in 2012. FabKids was taken over by them in 2013. They hoped that they could market children’s fitness clothing on to their previous clients that were potentially parents.

Kate Hudson joined JustFab in order to launch Fabletics. The actress uses her fame and fan base to promote women’s fitness clothing, most notably women’s leggings. Kate picks out her favorite products on and promotes them using her own fan base. Running pants, gym accessories, shirts and swimwear are all a part of their arsenal. The company has been actively expanding internationally in Australia, Canada, Europe and other big markets.

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