Finding Wedding Venues That Are Best For You

Here in the New York City area, brides have an unlimited choice of unique wedding venues to choose from, The only problem is, which one is best for you? The venue should reflect the personalities of the two people entering marriage, and fit the visual appeal you desire for your guests. By addressing some important details for the wedding ceremony and reception, the stress of selecting an ideal venue can melt away.


First things first. Make sure you and your partner have a mutual understanding of the plans for the wedding. An agreed guest count should be reached first because the number of guests will be one of the first questions asked by management. Remember that you want your guests to be comfortable, so if the venue is smaller than preferred, don’t try to fit in extra chairs.


Choose a venue that fits the overall theme of your wedding. Traditional, modern, or a special style that integrates a specific theme are great choices. If a Hollywood theme is chosen, maybe consider a theatre or playhouse that would love to rent extra space out. For an outdoor wedding, think of farms, ranches, and mansions that have plenty of outdoor space.


In New York City a new wedding venue trend has emerged: A rooftop. There are numerous venues that are located on the top of the towering buildings. Rooftops provide a spectacular outdoor view, fresh air, and many have landscaping which adds greenery to your decor.


Before the venue is chosen, consult with a wedding planner. If you have a few venues in mind, try to meet with wedding planners that are familiar with those locations. They can advise you on seating and decor, and whether high expectations will be met.


Another important consultation will be with the photographer. The photographer will have an eye for preferred lighting or disfigurements that may interfere with the wedding party and guest photo taking. No matter what venue you choose, make sure you and your partner are happy with it. Long as it beautiful and provides your guest with a fun and comfortable experience.