How the leadership team of Richard Shinto and Penelope Kokkinides at Innovacare is fueling change in the organization

A few years ago, the health care system in Puerto Rico had hardly known about the value of managed health care services. When Innovacare entered the scene, people used to manage their health related issues. Six years after Innovacare introduced managed healthcare, they have recruited over 300,000 people into the scheme and have also created a network of more than10,000 distributors of their services all over the country. According to HRMR Online, this success was made possible by among other things, the leadership at the top of the company, led by Richard Shinto and Penelope Kokkinides. Shinto is the CEO while Penelope deputizes him as the CAO.

The chief Administrative officer at the company, Penelope Kokkinides gave an interview to Ideamesch about the practices that have helped her climb to this level of success in business leadership, and her answers are truly inspiring. When asked about the single thing that motivates her to grow in business, she confided that the first thing she does is ensure that her days aren’t a repetition of the same routines over and over. Her goal in life is to make sure that every day she lives is unique and different from all the others. Penelope Kookinides added that being active and on the move, all day long is what helps to keep ideas flowing for her. She added that open spaces and fresh air are her ideas of things that make her mind tick. Read more about her interview on

She was then asked to share the secret that helps her turn abstract ideas into clear and tangible projects. She confided that her team was the reason behind her success in this sector. She added that this teamwork was the main reason the entire company had achieved the level of achievement they were enjoying. As a person who travels a lot, she added that relying on technology to communicate and coordinate all her activities was the reason operations run smoothly at the company and hence the success.

Richard Shinto also offered a few nuggets of wisdom on leadership. He has been working in the business of managed healthcare for the past twenty years, and this has given him a lot of insights into all realms of the firm. He previously worked at MMM and Aventa health. Shinto has also served as a Chief Medical Officer at NAMM. He has an MBA from the University of Red lands and a medical degree from NYU. These two are a team that will take Innovacare to even greater heights.

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