Lime Crime: Spring Time Trends

Like most seasons, the coming of Spring brings along the chance to sport new makeup styles. However, many people are often confused on what look is most appropriate for either themselves or the season in general. Which is why the makeup company known as Lime Crime put together a list of trends to accompany anyone looking for the perfect Spring look to adorn their face all featuring Lime Crime’s Venus Palette 3.

One of the trends which stands out most is the statement eyeliner that says “she knows what she’s doing”. Whether or not we actually know where we’re going in life, we all still like to give off the impression that we have everything under control. Maybe even you want your eyes to have a nice dramatic flair for your outing. Eyeliner can also make and break your entire look. The most recommended type of eyeliner to use is liquid eyeliner with a superfine tip, it’s the best for precision.

While one of the more pretty seasons, Spring can be considered kind of flaky. Even more so in this age of bizarre weather. One minute it’s raining, the next it’s sunny. It’s ideal to find a look that can withstand such flaky weather. “Matte lips that let your eyes do the sparkling” is what’s recommended as Matte lips manage to always be in style regardless of season or weather.

Another trend recommended is wearing purple as purple is a color associated with Spring and its flowers. Anyone looking to fall in line with the main color scheme of Spring can do so by making sure your color palette features purple. Additionally, purple is also versatile as it can be used with nails, makeup, and even hair.

Now, these were just 3/15 examples of the trends and of course, the article references that Lime Crime’s site has an arsenal of the makeup supplies needed to assist you in whatever trend you follow as the list was meant to feature Lime Crime’s Venus 3 Palette. Additionally, I’m sure using any of the company’s other palettes will do nicely as well.