Mike Baur: Helping Independents Start Up

Mike Baur has had interest in the banking and business world since adolescent years. He spent two decades working his way up from commercial apprentice with UBS and Clari den Leu to a position as Executive board member of a fairly large private Swiss bank. During this time, he also gained experience from investing in numerous startups.


Education: Mike Baur is noted to have a Masters in Business Administration from the University of Rochester in New York. He also has an Executive Masters in Business Administration from the University of Bern in Switzerland.


Mike Baur considers home to be Fribourg in western Switzerland, which is noted to be a university town and a center for commerce. At present, Baur is also involved with the Swiss Youth Entrepreneurship. He supports this endeavor by giving both time and financial backing.

Baur is also a frequent speaker and contributor with the Worldwide Forum based in Switzerland.


In 2014, Baur with two other partners co-founded The Swiss Startup Factory. This is noted as “the top independent and privately financed startup accelerator in Switzerland.” Baur’s executive capacity has involved coordinating and managing fund raising campaigns and financing operations.


The primary goal for the Swiss Startup Factory is create global companies that introduce new products and business models that supercede marketplace norms.


Typically, an entrepreneur will receive about three months of services from the Swiss Startup Factory. This appears as coaching, mentoring, initial financing, assistance with office space, assistance with VAT and tax management and assistance with activities such as payroll and invoice management. Furthermore, the entrepreneur is made aware of an available network of investors and/or mentors that may be at their disposal during this setup time.

In early 2016, Geneva based Fintech Fusion and Zurich based Swiss Startup Factory formed a partnership to help bridge the gap between the German and French parts of Switzerland. These two independent accelerators will work together in the area of startups by sharing joint events, cooperating with universities, sharing office space with new startups and mentor network exchange. This is an ongoing example of the business model upheld by the Swiss Startup Factory which states, “where innovation meets execution.”



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