An Overview of Career Path of Real Estate Expert Todd Lubar

Todd Lubar is a famous entrepreneur and businessman with over 20 years of experience in the real estate industry. His main objective is to help individuals achieve their goals and own homes. In addition to his experience in the real estate market, Lubar has experience in other industries like mortgage banking, construction and entertainment. The entrepreneur is committed and dedicated to helping the community, and his broad experience has worked perfectly in enabling him nurture other entrepreneurial talents into success.

Currently, Todd serves as the President of TDL Global Ventures. At an interview with Ideamensch, Lubar explained that his experience in lending and finance industry inspired him to develop the need of helping others fulfill their goals. He focused on ways of eliminating barriers that prevent individuals from accessing affordable credits. The entrepreneur developed products that were efficient and reliable to consumers and providing what they want.

Professional Background of Todd Lubar

According to Hackronym, Todd Lubar kicked off his professional career in the real estate in 1995. At that time, he had already decided to venture fully in the financial and real estate industries. Initially, Lubar began his career at Crestar Mortgage Corporation where he expanded his knowledge and skills on conservative mortgage banking. It offered him the chance to work closely with CPA’s, insurance brokers, real estate experts and financial planners who later became an incredible source of generating business.

In 2002, Todd Lubar accomplished a major milestone in the real estate industry by founding Legendary Properties, LLC. The company specialized in development of residential properties. The entrepreneur focused on buying, rehabilitating and selling properties of all sizes. After several years of observing the market, Todd realized there was a population that was underserved. He decided to create Legendary Financial LLC to focus on commercial lending to institutional and individual clients. As a financial expert, Lubar has been involved in 7000 plus transactions, providing him with the expertise to analyze various lending risks as determined by market forces. Towards the end of last decade, Lubar decided to expand his entrepreneurial skills, and he started scrap metal recycling business. The entrepreneur and his family lives in Bethesda Maryland.

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Who Needs Shampoo Lather? WEN By Chaz Is Incredible No-Poo, No Problem

There are just so many haircuts you can get from your professional stylist. Sooner or later, the major hair care action belongs to you in between those appointments. How you treat your hair on a daily basis matters and shows the true condition of your mane.

Shampooing and conditioning are essential procedures for healthy hair, but the formulas we choose make a key difference. Science has taught us over the years that sulfate-based shampoos are not worthy of you. These chemical products are stripping the hair of its natural oils and eventually, weaken the hair shaft. It might not appear that way because all you notice is the big lather before you rinse.

Hollywood stylist Chaz Dean knows plenty about hair and has been caring for the famous heads of numerous celebrities for years now. That’s why he developed his iconic no-poo shampoo, WEN By Chaz. He’s the true pioneer and perhaps first to launch the no lather shampoo system.

Nasty chemicals like sodium laureth sulfate have no business being present in your shampoo formulas, but sadly, these harsh detergents make up most drugstore shampoos.

WEN By Chaz is totally different, offering hair fortifiers in plant-based botancial blends. These rich cleansing conditioners create shine, body and manageability in hair of all types. The no-poo WEN way breaks the cycle of shampoo and conditioner bottles because all you need is one cleansing conditioner to wash like a shampoo, condition, de-tangle, deep condition and act as a stay-in conditioner.

WEN Hair is multi-performing.

You can buy product of WEN Hair on

Vijay Eswaran: His Business Life and Philanthropic Endeavors

Qi Group’s executive chairperson, Vijay Eswaran, is a renowned Malaysian entrepreneur. He’s also a great speaker, author, and philanthropist. He co-founded Qi Group, a multilevel marketing firm, in 1998.

Since the inception of Qi Group, the company has enhanced the quality of life for its clients in Asia. It’s also involved in a number of philanthropic activities. Qi group also offers employment opportunities and quality products.

Qi Group was started in the Philippines but has since expanded to other countries. They have offices in Thailand, Singapore, Hong Kong and Malaysia. Moreover, they have subsidiaries in many other countries across Asia.

Vijay Eswaran has helped QI Group to grow into a successful MLM company. The firm offers training, luxury products, telecommunications, media, self-improvement content and corporate investment to its clients.

Eswaran gained interest in multilevel marketing when he was studying for his degree in London. During this period, he received various certifications from CIBA. Vijay Eswaran worked part time in MLM while he was at the Southern Illinois University. He took up MLM as a serious career when he returned to Malaysia in 1998. He founded his company after partnering with Cosway Group to venture in the multilevel marketing industry.

Vijay Eswaran is the founder of RYTHM Foundation. RYTHM seeks to give back to the Asian Community in various ways. The foundation has started support programs for kids with special needs. It also offers relief to people affected by food shortage, poverty, and natural disasters.

Eswaran is also a World Economic Forum member. He uses the forum to teach MLM and business strategies to young entrepreneurs. He’s also a mentor to many businesspeople across the globe.

More about Qi Group

The majority of Qi Group’s sales are made via Qnet, one of the most successful cosmetic companies in Asia. Qnet sells watches, automobile care products, luxurious travel deals, electronic, jewelry and personal beauty products.

Qi Group also has an investment department known as QI Asset Management. The department deals in real estate and owns high-end vacation resorts. QI Asset Management also offers credit services to individuals and small business. Over the years, Vijay has helped build Qi Group to a reputable company.

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Dato’ Sri Vijay Eswaran Speaks At World Economic Forum 2016

Hussain Sajwani Is Known For His Glamorous Marketing Stunts

Damac Properties is a company that is based in the UAE. Hussain Sajwani is the Damac owner and CEO. It is a well-known company today for a number of reasons. The most prominent reason is that it is into glamorous marketing stunts for its property developments.

These marketing gimmicks are unique as well as innovative too. Their latest marketing strategy is to offer a free luxury car with each apartment that gets booked. The recent development by Damac Properties was its golf course project. It was developed in collaboration with the company owned by Donald Trump. Learn more about DAMAC owner:

It is important to know about the origins of Hussain Sajwani here. He is the founder of Damac Properties. But his origins are from a very different business that is not linked to real estate at all. He started his career in the field of food service.

In 1991 when the first Iraq War was going on, his firm was providing food service to the U.S. Army. This is when he even received a plaque of honor for his work. During this time Hussain Sajwani was able to build contacts with the U.S. Army.

Today Hussain Sajwani is 57 years old. Hussain Sajwani has worked for the American Army in several other countries that include Somalia, Bosnia and even in the Gulf. He was also providing food service to other big American companies that included Bechtel besides many other large corporates.

The Hussain Sajwani family is known today for their property business. Still, Sajwani continues to maintain his food business. It is an integral part of the Damac Group today.

This way Hussain Sajwani is able to remember his first business expertise always. This also serves as a reminder of how he could cultivate important friendships with people who were in high places. This was on an international scale.

Today the prices of property are going up. DAMAC property is all set to take advantage of this situation. Hussain Sajwani is considering an initial public offering now for his company. Most likely he will consider London Stock Exchange as his IPO venue.

He is not telling much about his potential IPO plans. This is because the process is still going on. Everything is in the early stages.

Thinking Outside Of The Tube (of Chapstick)

Looks good. Smells good. Feels good. (Tastes good). Sounds? Delicious. Not necessarily edible, EOS lip balm draws upon the delight of the senses to allure consumers into experiencing a totally new lip attraction. Mehra and Teller say it best, “entrepreneurial mind-set” meets “big-company discipline”- as the founders of EOS, acronym for Evolution Of Smooth lip balm claim in an article named, “The Untold Story of How Lip Balm Upstart EOS Outdid Chapstick”, they divulge the details of their behind-the-scenes success.

Sanjiv Mehra had a career in customer-packaged goods for products like Pepsi, so when he joined forces with startup incubator Jonathan Teller, they truly reinvented the wheel of the lip balm industry. They gave lip balm a facelift, a boob job, a new haircut, and a new wardrobe so-to-speak. It is no wonder they were able to successfully revolutionize a beauty product in the isles of local drugstores nationwide and even online on Amazon.

Well, when it comes to “thinking outside of the box”, Mehra and Teller rethought the tube of Chapstick from the ground up. They re-made the entire concept of lip balm, reviving an old concept and revamping a new one, EOS lip balm come in small, pastel, egg-shaped tubes with flavors like “Passion Fruit”, “Strawberry Sorbet”, and “Blackberry Nectar”. The all-natural lip moisturizers made to withstand the test of time have a classic appeal to add a new flavor to the repertoire of of the style of their consumers.

Pairing up with Sketchers to have a matching lip balm and shoe duet, EOS know how to continue to shake up the market and come up with new EOS special editions that make them the movers and shakers in the lip balm and beauty market that they are today.

Rick Shinto Leads Securus Technologies to Be the Best Service Provider for Correctional Facilities

Richard Smith is prominently known as Rick. He is the chief executive officer of Securus Technologies and has been serving the organization since his appointment in July 2008. Because of his experience and expertise in leadership, most people believed that he was the right person for the job. That is why he was appointed the chief executive officer. Through his leadership skills and a proven track record of excellence, Smith had guided Securus Technologies towards an achievement. He has a vast experience in communication, business development, information technology, and finance. Follow Rick at

Securus Technologies

Securus Technologies has its headquarters in Dallas. It is a company that offers excellent and safe communication services to correctional facilities and public safety agencies in the country. The organization has perfected the skills of providing impeccable communication services bordering public safety to its clients. For Securus Technologies, clients come first. According to most reviews published on news articles, the organization has for years developed software or communication gadgets to facilitate the arrest of wrong doers. Securus has a client base of over 2,000 prisoners and an employee database of over 4,000 across North America. The operation of the company massively depends on Rick Smith’s development of strategies. It offers an emergency response to situations.


Rick Smith has a concrete education background with excellent academic credentials. He attended the Rochester School of Technology for an associate’s degree. He also went to the State University of New York for a degree in engineering. Being a visionary man, he joined Rochester University for an MBA. This was a program from the Simon School, an affiliate of Rochester University.


Between 1972 and 1998, Rick Smith was an executive in many organizations like Global Crossing in America. He was the chief information officer as well as the controller. He also served at Frontier Technologies as the president. After his service at Frontier Information Technologies, he was elected vice president at Midwest Telephone Operations. Following his vast experience in offering information technologies services, Rick Smith was appointed the operations director of Network Plant. His knowledge and skills saw him being named the director of business development for Network Plant.


Harboring the desire to advance his career, Rick Smith joined Eschelon Telecom in 1998. He was named the chief operating officer of the company in 2000. Until 2003, he was the company’s president. His dedication to the company saw him being elevated to chief executive officer. At that time, the company revenue rose to $350 million from $30 million. In 2005, he led Eschelon Telecom Inc to acquire a strong local purchasing order. He left the company in 2007 to Securus Technologies, the best service provider of communication services in public safety organizations and correctional facilities.

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Mike Baur: Helping Independents Start Up

Mike Baur has had interest in the banking and business world since adolescent years. He spent two decades working his way up from commercial apprentice with UBS and Clari den Leu to a position as Executive board member of a fairly large private Swiss bank. During this time, he also gained experience from investing in numerous startups.


Education: Mike Baur is noted to have a Masters in Business Administration from the University of Rochester in New York. He also has an Executive Masters in Business Administration from the University of Bern in Switzerland.


Mike Baur considers home to be Fribourg in western Switzerland, which is noted to be a university town and a center for commerce. At present, Baur is also involved with the Swiss Youth Entrepreneurship. He supports this endeavor by giving both time and financial backing.

Baur is also a frequent speaker and contributor with the Worldwide Forum based in Switzerland.


In 2014, Baur with two other partners co-founded The Swiss Startup Factory. This is noted as “the top independent and privately financed startup accelerator in Switzerland.” Baur’s executive capacity has involved coordinating and managing fund raising campaigns and financing operations.


The primary goal for the Swiss Startup Factory is create global companies that introduce new products and business models that supercede marketplace norms.


Typically, an entrepreneur will receive about three months of services from the Swiss Startup Factory. This appears as coaching, mentoring, initial financing, assistance with office space, assistance with VAT and tax management and assistance with activities such as payroll and invoice management. Furthermore, the entrepreneur is made aware of an available network of investors and/or mentors that may be at their disposal during this setup time.

In early 2016, Geneva based Fintech Fusion and Zurich based Swiss Startup Factory formed a partnership to help bridge the gap between the German and French parts of Switzerland. These two independent accelerators will work together in the area of startups by sharing joint events, cooperating with universities, sharing office space with new startups and mentor network exchange. This is an ongoing example of the business model upheld by the Swiss Startup Factory which states, “where innovation meets execution.”



How the leadership team of Richard Shinto and Penelope Kokkinides at Innovacare is fueling change in the organization

A few years ago, the health care system in Puerto Rico had hardly known about the value of managed health care services. When Innovacare entered the scene, people used to manage their health related issues. Six years after Innovacare introduced managed healthcare, they have recruited over 300,000 people into the scheme and have also created a network of more than10,000 distributors of their services all over the country. According to HRMR Online, this success was made possible by among other things, the leadership at the top of the company, led by Richard Shinto and Penelope Kokkinides. Shinto is the CEO while Penelope deputizes him as the CAO.

The chief Administrative officer at the company, Penelope Kokkinides gave an interview to Ideamesch about the practices that have helped her climb to this level of success in business leadership, and her answers are truly inspiring. When asked about the single thing that motivates her to grow in business, she confided that the first thing she does is ensure that her days aren’t a repetition of the same routines over and over. Her goal in life is to make sure that every day she lives is unique and different from all the others. Penelope Kookinides added that being active and on the move, all day long is what helps to keep ideas flowing for her. She added that open spaces and fresh air are her ideas of things that make her mind tick. Read more about her interview on

She was then asked to share the secret that helps her turn abstract ideas into clear and tangible projects. She confided that her team was the reason behind her success in this sector. She added that this teamwork was the main reason the entire company had achieved the level of achievement they were enjoying. As a person who travels a lot, she added that relying on technology to communicate and coordinate all her activities was the reason operations run smoothly at the company and hence the success.

Richard Shinto also offered a few nuggets of wisdom on leadership. He has been working in the business of managed healthcare for the past twenty years, and this has given him a lot of insights into all realms of the firm. He previously worked at MMM and Aventa health. Shinto has also served as a Chief Medical Officer at NAMM. He has an MBA from the University of Red lands and a medical degree from NYU. These two are a team that will take Innovacare to even greater heights.

Don Ressler, The Fitness Apparel Master

Don Ressler is a technology entrepreneur involved in several ventures at the moment. Most of his career has been behind fitness related products and services. He set up his first venture,, as a teenager and was eventually sold to Intermix Media in 2001. He also teamed up with Intermix Media to launch Alena Media.

Alena Media was eventually sold to Newscorp, and eventually fizzled out among the corporate giants. The two young men eventually went on to form Intelligent Beauty, a cosmetics and beauty supply e-commerce shop. The team at eventually went on to build several consumer brands that directly sold to customers. Their products even received millions of dollars from venture capital companies.

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Don Ressler and his partners launched JustFab in 2010. Matrix Partners poured millions of dollars of investment into the company to help launch it into the giant that it is today. Rho Ventures and Crossover Ventures also joined in on the funding in 2012. FabKids was taken over by them in 2013. They hoped that they could market children’s fitness clothing on to their previous clients that were potentially parents.

Kate Hudson joined JustFab in order to launch Fabletics. The actress uses her fame and fan base to promote women’s fitness clothing, most notably women’s leggings. Kate picks out her favorite products on and promotes them using her own fan base. Running pants, gym accessories, shirts and swimwear are all a part of their arsenal. The company has been actively expanding internationally in Australia, Canada, Europe and other big markets.

George Soros Seeks To Create A More Open Global Society

George Soros is one of the world’s richest people with what Forbes describes as a fortune of more than $25 billion built from his successful hedge fund that was established in 1970. However successful George Soros has become as a financial expert making money across the globe as a leader on a range of financial markets the work the Hungarian born former refugee has completed as a philanthropist will be the legacy he eventually leaves behind; Soros began his philanthropic work as early as 1979 when he became concerned about the problems facing black South African’s under the Apartheid regime of the period. The Open Society Foundations report the work of George Soros as a philanthropist has seen him provide over $12 billion in funding for a range of good causes that reflect his own beliefs.

The work completed by George Soros through his Open Society Foundations has included a range of activities being completed in a bid to push forward the philosophy of the open society Soros came into contact with as a student in London. After surviving the Holocaust following the occupation of Hungary by Nazi forces from 1944 to 1945 Soros fled the Communist regime in Hungary as a refugee to start a new life in London as a student at the London School of Economics; it was during his studies at LSE that George Soros first came into contact with the philosopher Karl Popper who introduced him to the open society teachings that include the chance for every person to live a free and successful life.

George Soros has not only looked to aid many different groups around the world, but his focus has often been on groups who are marginalized in traditional society; the work of George Soros began with the Apartheid fight and continued with the supply of copying equipment passed into the former Communist Eastern Bloc to ease the publication of texts banned by Socialist regimes. As the years have moved along the focus of George Soros has been to look for new areas of interest for the Open Society Foundations that have been focused across regions of Africa, Asia, Europe, and North America to support those who feel they are not permitted to live within traditional closed societies. One of the aspects of this has been to provide support for those affected by human trafficking, the sex industry, drug abuse, and members of the LGBT community. George Soros may have been alive for eight decades but his areas of interest continue to evolve as his concerns through the Open Society Foundations as he continues to fight for the rights of those who feel they have not got a traditional place in society.

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