Stop the Lochsa Swap – Opinion Letter

June 3, 2013 in Letters, Opinion The Spokesman Review What’s happening with the Upper Lochsa Land Exchange? Clearwater National Forest Supervisor Rick Brazell is scheduled to … [Read more...]

Western Pacific Timber Land Trade Route Analysis Map

Western Pacific Timber Land Trade Route Analysis Map

Western Pacific Timber Land Trade Analysis

Map of the lands that are being traded to Western Pacific Timber in Alternative F of the Lochsa Land Exchange. Oh you thought it was a dead deal?  Commissioner Brandt said as much in a September 4, 2012 commission meeting.  That was just a decoy … [Read more...]


IS THIS LEGAL AND HOW FAR REACHING CAN THIS GO ? Something is really smelly and scary about a timber/realty firm hiring lobbyists to attempt to take away from the public 39,000 acres of public lands in Idaho on their terms. My question:is it … [Read more...]

Letter from Dick Artley to Laura Smith and Elayne Murphy about referenced visit from Chief Tom Tidwell

February 3, 2012 Dear Elayne and Laura, Thanks to Harvey Neese I found out that today’s (2/3/12) LMT contains an article titled “Reforestation project gets high funding for second year” The last sentence of the article says: “Crapo's … [Read more...]

Letter Emailed to: FS Rick Brazell, Forester Leslie Weldon, Chief Tom Tidwell, Tom Vilsack

TO:  CNF Supervisor Rick Brazell, Region 1 Regional Forester Leslie Weldon, FS Chief Tom Tidwell, Sec of Agriculture Tom Vilsack CC:  Idaho Senators Jim Risch and Mike Crapo, Idaho Representative Raul Labrador Blind CC:  30 gravely concerned … [Read more...]