The statement that Squaw Valley Ski Holdings have issued on the quality of water on upper Mountain

Earlier this week, there was a report that surfaced indicating that a strain of E. coli had been found in the waters that Squaw Valley uses for drinking in their upper mountain. The company has come out to issue a statement on the matter. The Hotels that are part of the Upper Mountain have been closed for the entire week as a result of the issue and the people using the resorts are not allowed to take the water within the premises.

The statement the company made regarding the issues indicated that the genesis of the problem was the unusually heavy downpour on the mountains. The rain led to the compromise of some of the clean water systems in the entire area. The water system that the company had installed the previous summer suffered inundation and the entire system got contaminated. They state that even though the contamination affected the line, none of the water that they have made available to the public was affected by the problem at any point.

They further disclosed that they did discover that there was an issue with their water system and that when they did; they contacted the Placer County Environmental Health and the Squaw Valley Public Service District. In addition to that, they sought for pinions from other experts on water safety and when they did, they got the assistance that they needed to fix the problem within the system. They stated that they are still fixing the issues with the system and they believe that with time, they will manage to completely clear the problem.

The company assured the people living or visiting their facilities that the normal usage of the water system would not be resumed till a point came when they were completely sure that the system was working in the proper manner. The management of the company was quick to add that they deeply valued the safety and comfort f their customers and that they could not do anything that put their health at risk. It is the hope of the management that the entire problem will be completely resolved.

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