The Wikipedia Editors Displayed Unusual Confusion On The U.S. President Page

Wikipedia is a go-to source for just everyone on the web looking for information on just about anything. It has one of the largest databases of information on the Internet and is accessed by millions of people from around the world. Since it is available in many different languages, it helps in increasing its outreach across the globe.

Recently, on the day of the swearing-in ceremony of the Donald Trump as the President of the United States of America, the page on Wikipedia for the President of The United States witnessed an unusual stream of activity. There seemed to be a major confusion among many authorized editors of Wikipedia as to the exact date and time when Donald Trump would be sworn-in as the President of the United States. This led to shuffling in positions of the incumbent and the U.S. President, to an approximate count of eight times, between Barack Obama and Donald Trump, at regular intervals until the official ceremony took place on 12 PM EST January 20th, 2017.

As a crowd-sourced platform that mainly relies on volunteer writers and editors for accurate information, with major contributors promoted to the post of editors, such confusions due to the edits happening from across the globe is nothing new. With that said, it needs mention here that the Wikipedia page for the United States of America is a protected one, and only the authorized editors were allowed to make the Wikipedia edits.

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