Who Needs Shampoo Lather? WEN By Chaz Is Incredible No-Poo, No Problem

There are just so many haircuts you can get from your professional stylist. Sooner or later, the major hair care action belongs to you in between those appointments. How you treat your hair on a daily basis matters and shows the true condition of your mane.

Shampooing and conditioning are essential procedures for healthy hair, but the formulas we choose make a key difference. Science has taught us over the years that sulfate-based shampoos are not worthy of you. These chemical products are stripping the hair of its natural oils and eventually, weaken the hair shaft. It might not appear that way because all you notice is the big lather before you rinse.

Hollywood stylist Chaz Dean knows plenty about hair and has been caring for the famous heads of numerous celebrities for years now. That’s why he developed his iconic no-poo shampoo, WEN By Chaz. He’s the true pioneer and perhaps first to launch the no lather shampoo system.

Nasty chemicals like sodium laureth sulfate have no business being present in your shampoo formulas, but sadly, these harsh detergents make up most drugstore shampoos.

WEN By Chaz is totally different, offering hair fortifiers in plant-based botancial blends. These rich cleansing conditioners create shine, body and manageability in hair of all types. The no-poo WEN way breaks the cycle of shampoo and conditioner bottles because all you need is one cleansing conditioner to wash like a shampoo, condition, de-tangle, deep condition and act as a stay-in conditioner.

WEN Hair is multi-performing.

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